Behind The Scenes

Building & Grounds

The Building & Grounds Team keeps our building and grounds attractive and in good repair, inside and out. Our tasks are varied. We serve the congregation through maintenance, repair, cleaning, landscaping, and beautification. B&G Team work is vital, deeply gratifying and fun. To see a list of current projects and ways you can help - in both big and small ways, check out the Building & Grounds Sign Up Genius.

Religious Education Committee

BUF's Children and Youth Programs are supported by a volunteer committee that meets monthly to oversee the big picture of programming and to organize events, coordinate activities and implement program initiatives. Program areas we oversee include volunteer recruitment, calendaring and organizing celebrations and events such as the volunteer fall retreat, children's worship, children's music, social justice opportunities for children, registration and supplies, policies, program vision and evaluation. Contact: Jennifer Smith.

Worship Arts

With the minister, the Worship Arts Team meets the first Sunday of each month after coffee hour to plan, evaluate and improve Sunday worship services, including booking guest speakers for open pulpit dates, brainstorming worship topics, training celebrants and providing a feedback loop to improve overall quality of Sunday services.  

Their mission statement is "Creating compelling, meaningful Sunday services to inform and inspire congregants to live lives of purpose, service and joy, in a way that enhances our experience of unity.”

All meetings are open to the congregation. We welcome your feedback and ideas!  Contact:  Cat McIntyre
Header is a slice of the Standing on the Side of Love poster compiled by BUF members Beth Sobel, Heidi Alford, Michelle Magee and Alicia Alford.