Chalice Circles
At BUF, Chalice Circles are a wonderful form of small-group ministry that encourage both newcomers and longtime members to deepen their connection to our faith community. These groups of five to ten members meet regularly, usually monthly, in each others' homes for structured discussions. Topics are provided by BUF's professional religious staff; each session involves questions, sharing, and discussion, sometimes based on readings.

The topics invite participants to consider deep convictions that speak to the core of human existence (the Ultimate). The sharing that occurs during this process cultivates trust and strong bonds among the group (the Intimate). Chalice Circles foster listening skills, individual growth and, over time, the group's collective ability to contribute to the congregation and community beyond. Each circle is asked to undertake an annual service project for the benefit of BUF and/or the wider world.

Circles are moderated by trained facilitators. To participate, contact our Director of Lifelong Learning Jennifer Smith at

Chalice Circles Study Guide

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Header photo by Dan Witter.