Covenant of Healthy Relations
We are an inclusive community that actively puts our values into action through acceptance and tolerance.  We challenge injustice and seek to empower those who strive for freedom and dignity, through acts of compassion, generosity and advocacy.  Our gift to the world is our belief in the right of conscience and the use of the democratic process within our congregation and society at large.

Individually and collectively we share the responsibility and accountability for our actions.  We honor each other's worth by engagement in thoughtful and respectful dialogue that seeks to promote understanding.  In the spirit of this Covenant, we promise our mutual trust and support to one another as we strive to bring our best selves forward.

We the members, staff and ministers of the Bellingham Unitarian Fellowship, covenant to affirm our commitment to each other and our congregation as we promise to:
  • Warmly welcome all
  • Foster a safe and nurturing environment for all our members
  • Embrace our diversity and the opportunity to share our different perspectives
  • Honor and support one another in our life journeys in times or joy, need and struggle
  • Be quick to listen, slow to judge, and willing to negotiate
  • Accept responsibility for our individual acts
  • Honor confidences
  • Address our disagreements directly and openly
  • See conflict through to authentic resolution
  • Strive to keep our promises, but when we fall short, we forgive ourselves and others, and begin again in love.