Frequently Asked Questions

Where do we park?
We own a small parking lot across the street from our main entrance.  On Sundays, you may park in the North Coast Credit Union lot just south of us on Ellsworth.  On Sundays, and in the evening, you can park in the Bellingham School District lot off Ellsworth to the north of BUF.  
Please do NOT park in the lot behind BUF near the lower-level entrance to the social hall.

Where do we put our coats?
There’s a coat rack just up a few steps directly on your left as you enter the building.

Where should I sit?

Wherever you like! But if you’re having trouble finding a spot, an usher can help you.

Where are the restrooms?
Up a few steps and directly on your left as you enter the building.  There are more restrooms downstairs, on your left as you enter the social hall.  Bathrooms with changing tables can be found upstairs on the religious education floor and off the back of the sanctuary near the comfort room.

I don’t want to stand up or be introduced. Is that OK?
Of course. It’s always optional. If you do choose to stand and introduce yourself, rest assured you will be welcomed warmly.

How long does the service last?
It varies; usually a little more than an hour.

Do I have to wear a name tag?
No, it’s optional. It allows us to welcome you, but if you prefer to be anonymous at first, that’s fine!

What do the different nametag styles mean, round or rectangular?
Round nametags are for official members; rectangular tags are for newcomers or “friends” of BUF who attend regularly.

Can I get a tour of your building?
Yes! We offer a formal orientation one Sunday a month that includes a building tour. Tours are otherwise available at your convenience with advance notice on Sundays after service.

How do I find the fellowship offices?
Go up a few steps on your left as you enter the building.  Our Administrator's office is straight ahead.  If you need to use the elevator, push the button for Level 1.


How do I find out what is happening with children's religious education?
The best way is to formally register your child in our program.  We ask that children be registered after their third visit.  <<Link to RE from>>

Where are the children's Religious Education (RE) classrooms?
Go up a few steps directly on your left as your enter the building.  Take the first door on your right up a flight of stairs to the RE floor.

Will some one come and get me if my child needs me up in Religious Education?

What happens after the service? Where will my child be?
RE classes end at 11:45 AM or after the service is over, whichever is later.  We ask that all parents head up to the RE floor to connect with their children after the service.

What if my baby wants to stay with me?
By all means that’s fine. There is a “comfort room” at the back of the sanctuary if you feel the need to quiet your child. You can watch and listen to the service via a speaker.  A changing table and diapers are available in the restroom outside the comfort room to the right.


How do I join?
Check out our Pathway to Membership page for all the details.

How much does it cost to be a member here?
There is no set amount. We ask everyone to support the church according to their financial ability. You’ll learn more about this during orientation and membership classes.

How can I find something to read about Unitarian Universalism?
We have a selection of brochures at our Welcome Corner in the downstairs social hall that you can peruse. We also have a library off the social hall with entire books on aspects of our faith. Ask any member after service to direct you to the library, where you’ll find a simple checkout system.  You can also find information online.  Start with our Unitarian Universalism page.

Where do we put food donations?
In the shopping cart in the foyer, or if it's a Food Blessing Sunday, at the basket in the front of the sanctuary when donations are invited during the service.

How do I get connected at BUF?
There are several ways. One is to check our website and then contact the office at (360) 733-3837 or admin@buf.org. Another is to fill out one of the lime green cards in the pew racks. You can sign up on our HOME page to receive our Midweek Update.  It arrives to your inbox every Wednesday with news about weekly events and interest groups. 
Header handshake photo by Dan Witter.