Admin Team

BUF's "Admin" (administrative) Team comprises the minister as our chief executive officer, our treasurer, and representative staff and lay leadership. The Admin. Team is the executive branch responsible for day-to-day managerial oversight of fellowship operations. Most programmatic, facility, and other functional issues of congregational life are funneled through the Admin. Team, which strives to conduct fellowship business in a manner consistent with policies set by BUF's Board of Trustees.

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees consists of seven to nine voting members of the congregation, who are elected for three-year staggered terms. The Board follows a modified Policy Governance model of administration, and works to support and enhance the overall health of the Fellowship in its spiritual growth and the healthy use of resources. The Board creates policy, the implementation of which is delegated to staff, including the Minister, and committees as appropriate. The Board works in close collaboration with the Minister and relies on his/her leadership to guide the congregation, via the Board, to fulfill its mission. Contact:  Anastacia Lundholm

Human Resources Committee

The Human Resources Committee (HRC) meets monthly to manage staff employment agreements, maintain job descriptions, and review salaries for the budgeting process. Do you have an interest or background in Human Resources? We would very much like to hear from you! Please contact Barbara Ellis-Quinn.

Header is a slice of the Standing on the Side of Love poster compiled by BUF members Beth Sobel, Heidi Alford, Michelle Magee and Alicia Alford.