Upcoming Sunday Services

September 22 - Whose Vision? - Rev Paul Beckel
Hey, you got your vision, I got mine. So: whether we see where each other are coming from, or not, is it ethical to try to nudge/persuade/coerce one another to see it our way? Leadership, guidance, teaching, parenting, advocacy ... don’t these interfere with others’ freedom of thought and conscience?

Past Services

September 15 - I am From - Rev Paul Beckel
August 25 - The Essence of the Gita - Debu Majumdar & Dick Kasper
August 11 - The Spirituality of Emotional Agility - Madeline McNeill
June 23 - A Few Kind Words for Institutions - Rev. Peter Luton
June 9 - Flower Communion - Paul Beckel
June 2 - Gratitude: A Song for Here and Now - Paul Beckel
May 26 - The Way of Mystery / The Mystery of the Way - Paul Beckel
May 12 - Mother's Day: Let's Get Real - Roz Reynolods
April 28 - Bringing Our Best Selves  - Paul Beckel
April 14 - What if I'm NOT the center of the Universe? - Paul Beckel
April 7 - A Sense of Wonder - Paul Beckel

Header Christmas Eve service photo by Dan Witter.