Our UU values encourage and challenge us to help make the world a better place. We do this by being of service to our congregation and to our local and global communities.

Serve the Community details the ways we, as a congregation, work to address social justice and environmental justice issues in Whatcom County and around the globe.

Serve the Congregation details all the ways we work together to make this a vibrant and active spiritual community. To provide information about your own abilities and interests relevant to congregational service, please complete the "Find Your Place At BUF" survey.

We believe that Leadership is a calling to serve both the congregation and the community.  We strive to build strong leaders by nurturing the strengths and talents of our members.

This poster, compiled in a collaborative effort by Beth Sobel, Heidi Alford, Michelle Magee and Alicia Alford to support Unitarian Universalism's Standing on the Side of Love campaign, which supports marriage equality, immigration rights, and other issues involving equality and inclusiveness. This inter-faith project includes squares from members of other local faith communities.

Header is a slice of the Standing on the Side of Love poster compiled by BUF members Beth Sobel, Heidi Alford, Michelle Magee and Alicia Alford.