Who We Are

Our Mission Statement:  Bellingham Unitarian Fellowship is a welcoming and diverse community of individuals and families.  Through fellowship, worship and service, we nurture the personal, spiritual and intellectual development of our growing congregation and promote respect and compassionate action for all people and our interdependent world.

Our Covenant (which we recite every Sunday):

Love is the spirit of this fellowship,
And service gives it life.
Celebrating our diversity
And joined by a quest for truth,
We work for peace
And honor all creation.
This is our covenant.

We are a liberal religious community which values the diversity of individuals and affirms the Unitarian Universalist (UU) principles.  As a community, we aspire to provide a creative and nurturing environment where social, spiritual and personal development are encouraged and acknowledged.  Therefore, we celebrate using ritual, music, art, literature and humor; and we endeavor to teach, to learn and to serve both our community and the world.  Our fellowship is one of 1,041 independent UU congregations that are members of the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA), our voice in the larger world.

Many different belief systems are comfortable here: monotheism, polytheism, agnosticism, humanism, atheism, and those still exploring. We are unified by our conviction that each person should follow his or her own path. We encourage spiritual development by our love and support and by offering inspiration drawn from all of the world's primary spiritual leaders.

We strive to be a welcoming congregation that acknowledges the differences among our members and respects their beliefs and their dignity.  In May 2012, the members of BUF adopted a Covenant of Healthy Relations to affirm our belief in how we should treat each other.  This covenant is the basis for conflict resolutions and behavior standards.  We strive for a safe, friendly and open community.

BUF is a certified UUA Welcoming Congregation. This designation indicates that our congregation has undergone an intentional, thorough process of self-evaluation and education to ensure that we are welcoming to and inclusive of persons who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, or queer. Please give us a try and see how it feels to be among us! We welcome your feedback on how we’re fulfilling a key aspect of our covenant: namely, celebrating diversity.

BUF is also a certified UUA Green Sanctuary Congregation. Deepening our connection and responsibility to the Earth and all its inhabitants, we work within our congregation and with community groups in Bellingham and Whatcom County to establish a just, sustainable and Earth-conscious community. We encourage personal lifestyle changes, strengthening the connection between spiritual practice and Earth consciousness and working to heal environmental injustices.  We began our program in 2006 and were awarded accreditation in May 2009.

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Header handshake photo by Dan Witter